Welcome to Notori Dobermans. I have recently relocated from beautiful Hilton Head Island to Charleston, South Carolina. I am the breeder of top quality Doberman Pinschers for Conformation, Performance and Pet homes. I am dedicated to providing healthy puppies that are physically and mentally sound to responsible owners. As a Doberman breeder I am responsible for these puppies from birth until death. Visit the About Us and Contract sections of my site to learn more about Notori Dobermans. Visit the Doberman page for photos of my Doberman Pinschers with their owners, relaxing at home, competing in performance events (agility, rally, schutzund and obedienc), passing the Working Aptitude Evaluation (WAE) and more. Puppies are available on occasion. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY LITTERS PLANNED FOR 2017.

Robyn & Tori

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