Phoenix (adopted)

Angel and this stray Blue Boy are now available (Sept 2010).
Angel was an owner surrender to a kill sheltger. She is 3 years old, spayed, Vaccianted, Up to date on shots.

The Blue Boy was  stray. He needs to be neutered and treated for heartworms. He is a good boy,house manners,  sweet, quiet, good with other animals. He is ayoung adult.

Angel - adopted


Chuck (Adopted)

Gunny - Adopted

Chuck's story

Chuck is an 11 month old red male Doberman puppy from my Opal and Alexander litter.
When he was 5 weeks old I noticed he appeared to be turning out at the elbow,
Upon closer inspection, I realized his radius was sticking out further than it normally
should but the ulna (elbow) was nice and tight to his chest as it should be. I took
him into my office for the vets to examine. He was too young to x-ray at that time.
I called our orthopedic surgeon to discuss it with him. The puppy was not in any pain
and showed no abnormality in gait. He was x-rayed and examined by the ortho surgeon
at 10 weeks of age. Chuck's condition was labeled congenital bilateral subluxated radius. Meaning
both radius bones were out of normal alignment. Dr Hill said his bones were  "programed" to
grow wrong in the womb. I was faced with 2 options; put him to sleep now or let him grow up and see if we can fix him.
All of the doctors I spoke to all agreed that surgery should not be done until his growth
plates closed. If  he made it that long, then I needed to find a surgeon who could "try"
something to realign the bones. All the doctors also agreed, surgery may not fix it.
I couldn't put him to sleep. He remained sound and pain free until the rapid growth
phases. Then I started him on pain medications. He had to have a lot of crate rest
because activity made him limp more. There were days were I wondered if I was
being fair to him and wondered about his quality of life. But he was so sweet and such
a good puppy. So I continued to medicate and crate rest. Just as fast as the pain and limping
came on, it has gotten markedly improved. He no longer needs as much crate rest or pain
medication. He can play with the other dogs and only limps if he plays too hard for too long.
He really shouldn't be allowed to play that rough but I have allowed it to assess him. I
have been able to wean him off of a lot of his medications except for the MSM in his glucosamine supplements.

I have recently spoken with a wonderful surgeon, Dr Paul Shealy. He feels like he can "improve Chuck's quality of life" with surgery and post surgical physical therapy. At this point he doesn't feel like it he will be able to make him good as new but he can help him. Unfortunately, it seems I was given some bad advice about when the best time was to have this surgery done. Hopefully, I will be able to afford to get the surgery done soon and get Chuck in a forever home.
I am looking to place him in a home that understands that even after surgery, he may be still restricted in his activity. I doubt he will ever be able to be anyone's running partner. He could possibly get a CD and Rally titles if someone wanted to do a little obedience with him. He would be a wonderful therapy dog. He does need a lot of socialization. He is a shy puppy. He approaches slowly and submissively but becomes friends immediately upon contact.
I did not socialize him as I usually do because I didn't know what was going to happen to him
and I tried to not get to attached to him (I failed miserably).He will need to be on high quality glucosamine supplements all of the time. I would like to think that the right person could take the money they planned to use
to buy a puppy and apply it to Chuck vet fund to pay for his medications.

Most people that come to me are looking for a reputable breeder that they can get a healthy
puppy from. Chuck's family history is full of longevity and healthy dogs. He is a fluke. While
I can stand behind the health of all of my dogs, this puppy will need special attention and nay
have more medical expenses. He is almost certain to get arthritis in the front legs sooner than your average senior dog and it may be something that reduces his life span. There is no way to predict by how much. I stand behind all of my dogs and will take any of them back at any time, but I will not refund any expenses for his care.

See Chuck's pedigree'spups.cfm

If you think you might be the right home for Chuck, please contact me.

Sylvia (Adopted)

Sylvia is a fawn female Doberman. She was found as a stray in the Savannah, Ga area. She spent a few weeks in Effingham County Animal Control before my partener in crime, Lisa, helped me get her out. She will be heading to North Florida Doberman Rescue unitl a permanant homeis found.

About Sylvia: We estimate her age to be 4-5 years old. She loves to ride in the car, loves all people (has not been exposed to kids yet- I don't have any little ones) and animals. She could care less about my bird or my cat. She knows sit and scratches at the door to go out. She inspects the house but hasn't gotten inot any trouble. Except ! She will steal teh food off of your plate riught out from under your nose. In all fairness her mean Aunt Robyn has her on strict diet.

Her overall health is very good. She is vaccinated, heartworm negative, spayed and had a normal blood chemistry. She is hypo (low) thyroid which will require life long medication. Fortunately the medication is very inexpensive (about 10-20 cents / day). Once her thyroid is at a normal level, she should get her girlish figure back.

If you are interested in Sylvia, please contact Judy Davis 850-524-3458

Mack -Adopted

This handsome young boy was picked up by animal control wandering the streets of Savannah, Ga. When he went unclaimed, Melissa called me for help. As always Belynda (  had a place lined up for him in less than 24 hours. On Sunday October 26, I transported him to Belynda, then a volunteer took him to Judy with Doberman Pinscher Rescue at North Florida.

When found, he was intact with no known health history. We estimate he is about 2 years old. He is sweet, takes food gently, loves toys and rides well in cars. He does need to learn leash manners. 

If you would like more information about adopting this sweet boy or to make a dontaion for his vet expenses and care, contact Judy  




Don't let the name fool you, this solid white boy is a real marshmellow. Bullet aka "Bully" spent his entire life tied to a tree. Before we acquired him, his owner had spent the last year in jail leaving Bully without his everday basic needs cared for. Bully was wasting away and getting sicker by the day. A volunteer with Meals on Wheels repeatedly begged the owner's grand mother to give her the dog. She finally agreed. It was almost too late. Bully was dying. The woman brought Bully to Hilton Head Veterinary Clinic. Dr Sauls treated him for his initial illness, once he was strong enough, we started his heartworm treatment. The heartworms were so advanced, we had to use the longer protocol. We finally finished his heartworm treatment and he was healthy enough to neuter. He is now a fat & happy boy. He has been at the vet clinic since October. He is ready for and deserves a real home. Carrie takes him to the dog park several times a week without any problems. Kelsey's 2 year son old hangs all over him without any problem. He has not been cat tested. He is a sweet, sweet boy. We have kept him on a special intestinal diet. We aren't sure if he will need it once he gets settled in a home but that is a possibility.

PS Bully is not a Doberman, he is an American Bulldog.


 Notes: Medical Management case....... Cara is thought to be quite young, cut ears that stand...also well leash trained. Cara is extremely underweight, she came to us from the west Fla. panhandle with several sticks lodged in the roof of her mouth and into the flesh above some back teeth. The sticks eventually permeated into CARA's nasal cavity before she was rescued. ........Cara must have surgery to repair the damage done by the sticks to the roof of her mouth. The holes in the roof of the mouth cause her food to come out of her nose. It's been very time consuming to keep her eating....we only feed meatballs or home prepared food balls that she can easily gulp down whole. Recently Cara has moved to another a foster home with fewer foster dogs where she can get more individual pre-operative care.....we are hoping that the surgery to relocate skin tissue to form a cover over the holes will not be too tough on the still frail CARA. Any donation to Cara's surgical fund is greatly appreciated no matter how small. We are a 100% volunteer organization funded only by our adoption donations which go directly to benefit the rescues in our care. Additional adoption applications are currently not being accepted for CARA, medical remedies for her condition are still in the review process.-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- send any Inquiry about CARA to -------------------------------------------------------------------------- spayed / heartworm positive / vaccinations pending / Cara is fostered in Tallahassee Florida, 

Cara's photo can be viewed on my rescue page.





Leo left for his foster home in Florida today (10/29/06). He is still in search of a forever home. To date, his pneumonia is gone, he has been treated for intestinal parasites, he has been vaccinated, had his teeth cleaned and neutered. He will be treated for Heartworm once he is fully recovered from last week's surgery. For more information on adopting Leo, please contact

Leo was found wandering the streets of Savannah, Georgia. He is currently being treated for pneumonia, hook worms and whip worms. Once he has recovered, he will be vaccinated, treated for heartworm and neutered. Leo's blood work shows he is an otherwise healthy guy. All of his current medical problems are treatable. He needs a home that will offer him the love and companionship he deserves. He is very sweet. Becasue of his illness, he has not been permitted to interact with other animals but it appears he will be friendly. He is crate trained but I don't know if he is housebroken yet because he has been hospitalized since I aquired him last Friday (10/6/06). The vet's office that is treating him will accept donations toward his medical expenses. Anyone interested in helping this sweet boy can contact me directly.


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