Ch.Trump's Ticket To The Moon

Winning Record

Salisbury North Carolina Kennel Club,  Judge: Dr Mary-Helene (Mimi) Brown, Handler/Breeder: Jinny Rojas, Award: Winner's Bitch 1 pt
Atlanta Kennel Club 10/23/10, Judge Cathleen Rubens, Handler/Breeder Jinny Rojas assisted by Abbie Adams, Award: Best of Winner's 2 pts 
Greater Kingsport Kennel Club, Gray, Tn 5/22/11 Judge Donals Gill, Handler/Breeder Jinny Rojas. Awarded Best of Breed over 4 specials for 2 pts
Greater Kingsport Kennel Club, Gray, Tn 5/23/11 Judge Christine Salyers ANderson Handler/Breeder Jinny Rojas. Awarded Best of Winners for 1 pt.

Della  is co owned and lives with Beth Patterson, Blumont  Dobermans. Beth fell in love with her dam at first site. Della is a Trotyl grand daughter, Aquarius American Dream, bred to a Briairwood dog, Briarwood's Relentless Strorm. These are two pedigrees that Beth and I wanted in our breeding program brought together through one very pretty, vWD clear, black bitch. Many Thanks to Jinny Rojas and Dan Galligan (Trump Dobermans) for this opportunity.


Am/Can Ch Soquel's Thunder Storm

Ch Angel's Dark Thunder

Soquel's Tusacan Symphony

Briarwood's Wild Honey Lesange

Briarwood's Against The Wind

Briarwood's Bacardi Breezer

Eisamars Class Action

Eisamar's Zenith

Ch Winsome's Zeus

Eisamar's Elusive Image

Ch Trotyl de Black Shadow

Trotyl is black #3 (no dilution), hips OFA Good, elbows OFA Normal, VWD carrier, thyroid normal, liver and kidney panel normal. Full dentition with large teeth and excellent occlusion. Cardio testing done by Dr Clay Calvert in June 08. Echocardiogram and 24 hour holter normal

Ch Inaqui De Black Shadow

Cindy De Black Shadow

Arg Ch Jesse de Vulcano

Arg Ch Marienburg's Argus Wind Magic

Arg Ch Cora Mia de Vulcano

Ch Marienburg's Coral Pendant

Ch Aquarius Princess Of Wales

Ch Aquarius Fist of Fury

Ch Aquarius Hi lite v Ravenswd